Stock Trailer


3.6 x 1.9m Stock Trailer with mounted cattle crate

This stock trailer was originally designed for carting sheep and weaner calves, as well as having the advantage of hauling 6m lengths of material when required. The trailer has a deck area of 6.7 square metres and a volume capacity of 8 cubic metres to the top of the side panels. Perfect for farmers, contractors, landscapers, or bulk supply agents.

Overall, the height of the crate is 1.5m, not including the cover bars and can have a tarpaulin fitted to give additional weather protection. The trailer deck is 3.6m long with an internal deck width of 1.91m and has a 1.8m long braced drawbar. See the full specifications below.

The total tare weight for the trailer and crate is around 900kg and the trailer should ideally be fitted with electric brakes or "electric over hydraulic" (EOH) brakes to allow a total GVM/ATM of 3500kg. This will give the trailer a load capacity of approximately 2600kg.

Stock trailer with mounted crate for carting cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, or llamas

The crate sides have been buttressed to strengthen the trailer and allows the rear gate to easily swing open, without the crate sides flexing and sagging, as is common on trailer crates. The sides have been designed to be bolted to the chassis, primarily for ease of galvanising, but can be unbolted to use the trailer as a flatbed trailer. The rear lights will be need to be repositioned if a multi use trailer is required.

An advantage of the buttress sides is the option of having stand-on platforms between the guards which gives good, safe access to check or coerce any animals on-board.

Stock Trailer or cattle trailer with crate

The rear and centre gates are both hinging and sliding, perfect for backing up to a loading race, gateway or doorway and allowing quick and easy loading of animals or goods. All gates, including the front gate are easily raised and removed when not required.

3.6 x 1.98m stock trailer for almost all your animal transporting needs

Flush mounted deck eyes can be incorporated into the deck to tie down and secure loose goods or materials.

Trailer Specifications

- Base Chassis Size - 3.6 x 1.98m
- Usable Deck Area with crate - 3.53 x 1.91m
- Tandem Axle with oscillating, load sharing axle setup
- 14" 185R Commercial Tyres (2500kg GVM/GTM)
  or 14" 195R Commercial Tyres (3500kg GVM/GTM)
- Total Overall Trailer length -5.575m
- Total Overall Trailer Width - 2.49m
- Total Overall Trailer Height (including cover bars) - 2.24m
- 1800mm long braced drawbar
- 9mm Plywood crate side/gate panels - H3 Treated
- 17mm/19mm Plywood decking - H3 Treated
- 900kg Tare Weight
- 1600kg load capacity with hydraulic surge brakes (NZ)
- 1100kg load capacity with hydraulic surge brakes (Aust.)
- 2600kg load capacity with 4 wheel electric brakes/Electric over Hydraulic Disc brakes (NZ/Aust.)
- Full steel chassis and crate,
- Bolt on crate unit, panelling up to 1200mm high, total height 1500mm from deck (not including coverbars)
- Rear and centre gates swinging and sliding
- Non opening front gate (can be converted if required)



Stock Trailer Plan


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