Tow Dolly


Tow dolly trailer for quick and easy vehicle towing

Whether you are a campervan or RV enthusiast and prefer the convenience of having a second vehicle for tripping around, have a race or stock car that needs transporting to meetings or shows, or are the serious collector or trader in cars and light trucks, you can't go past a tow dolly for ease of use and simplicity for towing another vehicle around.

tow dolly with smart car being towed

With its tilting drawbar for ease of loading (a winch can be fitted if you are picking up mechanically unworthy vehicles) and with a pivoting deck to allow better tracking and control of the towed vehicle while on the road, the tow dolly is a good investment for the serious vehicle tower.tow-dolly-tilted4.png

The tow dolly, with its small footprint, is easy and convenient to store. It doesn't take half the back yard or front lawn when not in use and can easily be stored down the side of the house or in a lock up if required.

The plans for this tow dolly will comfortably allow a vehicle up to 1830mm wide (6') and weighing up to 2000kg or more to be towed, and while brakes may be legally unnecessary for the majority of loads, Trailersauce recommends electric drum brakes to be fitted at a minimum.

Tow dolly trailer with pivoting deck for vehicle towing

These plans allow for the top deck to pivot up to 16 degrees (8 degrees either side of centre) which will suit most towing applications. It must be noted that tow dollies are forward only trailers and reversing with a loaded tow dolly should never be attempted.

Tow dollies, although relatively simple in their looks and nature, are pretty complex little trailers, that do take a bit of engineering to ensure they are strong and safe enough for their purpose.

Trailersauce recommends that tow dollies are fabricated by competent and experienced welders only.

Haul your broken vehicle on a tow dolly, quick and easy

Once the tow dolly is has been fabricated, wheel straps and vehicle restraining safety chains need to be sourced to secure the towed vehicle to the trailer. Contact your local webbing or rigging suppliers and they will custom make wheel straps and chains to suit.

Straps for tying your vehicle down to a tow dolly for safe and secure towing

Note - sketches above shown without vehicle restraints.


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