6' x 4' Single Axle Trailer


6 x 4 single axle steel sided trailer - a little trailer with big aspirations

The 6' x 4' (1830 x 1220mm) trailer is one of the most useful little big trailers around, small enough to tow behind a small car but big enough to handle most things thrown at it. Fold the front tailgate down and remove the rear and you can cart a longer load with ease. Great for camping, home renovations or just everyday use, this is a small trailer with big possibilities.

Specifications -

- Deck Size 1830mm x 1220mm (6' x 4')
- Single axle 14" wheels
- Fully welded steel chassis
- Steel panel sides/tailgates
- Hinging front and rear tailgate
- Full length tie rails
- 17mm Plywood decking (options available - See "Trailer Decking" )
- 1500kg GVW/GTM (can be upgraded if required)
- Tare Weight 232kg
- Maximum load capacity 1268kg unbraked (NZ)
- Maximum load capacity 518kg unbraked, 1286kg braked (Australia)
- Brakes optional (See "Legal Braking Requirements NZ & Australia" for more information)

Just a note of caution if towing this trailer behind an SUV or similar sized vehicle. This size of trailer can and will disappear behind a larger vehicle and it can be easy to forget you are towing a trailer if unseen, it can also make the trailer difficult to reverse.

Note about plywood decking

If you are using plywood for decking material, please check with your local suppliers for true 8' x 4' sheet sizes (2440 x 1220mm) as these can be difficult to source. The design below is for a true 4' (1220mm) wide trailer and if 1220mm wide sheets are unavailable, you will need to compensate by reducing the chassis cross members, light channel, tailgate panels and tailgate tie rails by 20mm. All other measurements will be the same as shown. The trailer will be a true 6' (1830mm) long.

For other decking options see " Trailer Decking"

NOTE -If are contemplating galvanising your trailer it pays to do a bit of prep work on your cross members prior to welding. Please check the Pre-Finishing page prior to starting.

6 x4 (1830 x 1220mm) single axle trailer

Lets get started here - 

6 x 4 Steel Trailer Plan


You can now purchase the full 6' x 4' Single Axle Trailer Plan and Construction Guide for only $5.00